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Born in Northern Ontario, a natural born performer, Folklaur Chevrier studied her craft at famed workshops in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York. Folklaur is an actor, producer, acclaimed public speaker, television host and advocate.

At the pinnacle of their careers, most wouldn't put their acting and modeling work on pause, but, Folklaur shifted gears and followed her heart to focus on producing for television & film. Folklaur formed "Folklaur Films" a production company, and obtained the life rights for various projects. A risk taker and trailblazer, Folklaur embarked on what many may deem insurmountable. She has devoted over a decade in dogged research, delved into the heartbreaking investigation of a once unsolved criminal case and invested countless personal resources, to spearhead a true-crime story to the screen. Folklaur continues to provoke a growing critical mass of crusaders for social justice in pursuit of ushering her passion project to fruition, as it is painfully evident there has always remained an intense public resolve to find the insidious child killer.

Folklaur's singular motivation is to share this extraordinary true crime story. A tragedy that shook the foundation of the justice system and horrified a nation. A family enduring 36 years of hell on earth because of the abduction, torture and slaying of a nine-year-old girl which lead to an extraordinary wrongful conviction and the momentous breakthrough of the child killer identified after three decades, boldly told through the powerful medium of television. 

Her mission as creator and producer is to utilize the force of this documentary along with her many talents, as a platform to help raise awareness for the world’s most pressing social issues.  

Folklaur's humanitarian efforts involve assisting the less fortunate as an Ambassador for the St. Felix Centre ( She delivers elementary and high school students impactful and uplifting speeches on all forms of anti-bullying, self acceptance & appreciation. 

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection Inc. ( has appointed Folklaur an Influencer  and voice for their organization - dedicated to the personal safety of all children and to reduce child victimization. 

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