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Folklaur Films, founded by Folklaur Chevrier in 2018, a Canadian production company focuses on creating impactful content with a particular emphasis in Film & TV that reflect the diversity of the human spirit. We have a special interest in the nexus where cinema and socially conscious stories contend. 


Sourcing quality material, developing content from conception and collaborating with bold and daring storytellers. Works of art deeply invested in the human dramas underneath the surface. Sharing sophisticated stories and going beyond the superficial into the shadow of the human experience. Producing innovative narrative which not only entertain, but provide public awareness, expand our understanding, and broaden our perspective.


Creativity is the element in human existence that allows for change and transformation. With a powerful piece of storytelling at the core, we set a vision and make it happen. Stories make visible what was, what is and of what could be. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely possible. It’s what we stand for. It’s what our work is all about.

Our job is to bridge that gap from story to audience. Connect with our stories and as we allow Film & TV to inspire us and promote dialogue, they become transformational. Humans connect through other human stories.

The astonishing true crime story of child murder victim Christine Jessop and her family is a decades-long passion project for creator Folklaur Chevrier and the first production to come through Folklaur Films. 


We celebrate and welcome diversity. Folklaur Films is dedicated to working in an environment free from barriers in order to eliminate unconscious bias and support equality & inclusion.

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